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Type of Project:
Real Estate Due Dilligence

Type of Site:
Active dry cleaner

Regulatory closure by Washington Department of Ecology

Washington Dry Cleaners

As part of an environmental due diligence assessment for a real estate transaction, Point Source performed an investigation of an active dry cleaner site. 

The dry cleaner began operations in the 1960s. This investigation revealed evidence of historic dumping of dry cleaner solvents into a catch basin connected to an on-site drywell.

Point Source assisted the property owner in enrolling in the Washington Department of Ecology (WDOE) Voluntary Cleanup Program and submitted a work plan to address the contamination. After obtaining the appropriate permits, Point Source coordinated the removal of the catch basin, the stormwater line, and solvent-impacted soils. Material inside the drywell was removed using a vacuum truck. 

Confirmation sampling from the excavation and within and adjacent to the drywell showed that all soil above WADOE MTCA Method A Cleanup Levels had been successfully removed. 

An evaluation of soil vapor conditions, relative to potential exposure via vapor intrusion, further supported the assertion that the remediation was successful.

The stormwater infrastructure was replaced and the site surfaces were restored.  

To address WADOE concerns relative to potential contaminated groundwater, sonic drilling technology was used to advance a boring to 120 feet below ground surface adjacent to the drywell. Based upon the work conducted by Point Source, WADOE determined that no further investigation or remediation was required. The property was determined to be free of environmental encumbrances and eligible for conventional financing.