Point Source Solutions project_Goat Blocks.JPG

Type of Project:
Underground storage tank clean up

Type of Site:
Produce row

"No further action" determination

Goat Blocks

Point Source provided environmental consulting services for the iconic “Goat Blocks” located Portland’s close-in central eastside industrial district.

This two-block property historically housed a produce distribution center operated by the Gardeners and Ranchers Association. Point Source led extensive environmental work at the site, including: 

  • decommissioning of seven underground storage tanks and cleanup of residual soil and groundwater contamination

  • cleanup of numerous pockets of soil contamination

  • development and implantation of a fill management plan for the mass excavation to 18 feet below grade across the entire property

  • permitting and water quality testing for dewatering of the mass excavation

  • preparation of the closure document for all environmental cleanup activities.

The property was remediated to the satisfaction of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and issued a No Further Action designation.